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Wollongong bishop excommunicates sect priest

Bishop Peter Ingham has announced the excommunication of a priest who is the offsider of the NSW South Coast cult leader known as the Little Pebble.

The procedure for Fr Malcolm Broussard's excommunication was set in motion after he attempted to have himself consecrated as a bishop without a mandate from the Pope earlier this year.

Bishop Ingham announced Broussard's excommunication in an official decree issued yesterday.

"It has come to my notice that on 30 March, 2003 in Bavaria, Germany, and in clear and indisputable contravention of the universal law of the Catholic Church, Fr Malcolm Broussard attempted to have himself consecrated as a Bishop," he said in the decree.

The priest had been acting as Prelate for the so-called Order of St Charbel, which was founded and headed by Mr William Kamm, known as the Little Pebble to his followers.

Ingham said the 'episcopal' ordination of Fr Broussard was a schismatic act and was not recognised by the Catholic Church.

"Fr Broussard has, by this action, incurred an excommunication from the Catholic Church. This excommunication can be removed only by the Apostolic See," he said.

Bishop Ingham said all those who continued to adhere formally to Fr Broussard's ministry in the so-called order of St Charbel also placed themselves outside the Catholic Church and were by that fact excommunicated.

He urged any person who associated with Fr Broussard or with any other activity of William Kamm to seek reconciliation with the Catholic Church.

The Diocese has established a special support helpline for those seeking advice. The freecall number is 1800 225 922.

Diocese of Wollongong

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11 Jun 2003