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Pell urges young Catholics to forget horoscope

Sydney's Archbishop George Pell has warned that supersition poses a greater danger to the faith of young Catholics than science and reason.

In a pastoral letter on Christian Leadership distributed for yesterday's Feast of Pentecost, Dr Pell said that "unless people stand for something, they will fall for anything".

"Think of the tens of thousands of Australians who look at their horoscopes each day to read their future in the stars," he said. "Some of them are even serious about this neo-pagan nonsense."

He said that if Christian belief and practice declined radically in Australia, most people would not turn to science and reason.

"They will be superstitious, choosing bits and pieces from a mishmash of the great religious traditions and New Age recipes."

Pell outlined what he sees as the characteristics of good leadership.

"Such principles will not be self-centred, but directed outwards from the heart, based on an understanding of what is good for society; for their Church or school, business or sport, for their work or profession."

He said such principles will enable leaders to "set clear goals for themselves, to have clear ambitions for their groups and so help others to plot their course, discover the direction in which they should be travelling."

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10 Jun 2003