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NZ Bishops issue Ethics Code for church volunteers

The Church in New Zealand has published a set of guidelines designed to protect volunteers, the Church and those for whom they are providing their services.

In publishing the Code of Ethics for Church Volunteers, the bishops issued an accompanying statement stressing that volunteers are seen to be "representing the Church" and "their words and actions will be judged in the light of the faith and mission of the Church".

The Code emphasises that volunteers are to be "personally accountable for their decisions and actions".

It gives specific directives such as the avoidance of accessing pornographic websites.

Volunteers are instructed to honour the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi in their work, and to "avoid imposing mono-cultural values".

In their statement, the Bishops stressed the importance of voluntary work in the mission of the Church. They described the volunteers' way of life as "a community of love, committed to the praise of God and to the healing of division".

The Volunteers' document was issued alongside a pastoral letter on the Rosary.

Catholic Church in NZ

Code of Ethics for Church Volunteers
Pastoral letter on the four mysteries of the rosary

6 Jun 2003