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Catholic intellectual group wants independent inquiry into war decision

The Australian Catholic Movement for Intellectual and Cultural Affairs says that a public inquiry into Australia's decision to go to war in Iraq is neacessary to determine what the Government knew or ought to have known about the true status of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.

President Minh Nguyen said the existence of such weapons was the crucial argument for Australia in joining the "coalition of the willing" to invade Iraq. So far no evidence of their existence have been uncovered.

"The Government has asked us to be patient but whether they eventually find something is not the issue," he said. "Even if weapons of mass destruction are to be found, we know they are certainly not the result of intelligence gathered before the war."

Mr Nguyen said the the decision to invade Iraq cost thousands of lives and brought a fragile society into near anarchy.

"The Howard Government must be accountable for the decisions that it took in our name," he said. "It can no longer hide behind the mask of good intentions. Nor can it act as if it exists in a single-party state accountable only to itself."

ACMICA is a movement of Catholic intellectuals and professionals engaged in "critical analysis, careful reflection and just action".


Australian Catholic Movement for Intellectual and Cultural Affairs
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5 Jun 2003