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Manila Archbishop, Jaime Cardinal Sin to retire

Manila Archbishop, Jaime Cardinal Sin, has announced his intention to tender his resignation on his 75th Birthday on 31st August.

Fr James Reuter, Director of the Catholic ChurchÕs National Office of Mass Media in the Philipines is reported in the local media as saying that it is expected that Pope John Paul will accept the resignation on account of the Cardinal's deteriorating health. Coincident with the announcement has come news that the Archdiocese of Manila has been split into three dioceses and the names of the three new bishops were announced on the weekend.

Cardinal Sin asked Rome for the partition of the Archdiocese of Manila, feeling it had become "too big, too extensive, too populous and too complex" for one bishop to handle well.

SOURCE – FULL STORY: Archbishop Sin to tender resignation

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30 Jun 2003