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Catholic Health Australia launches strong attack on Aged Care funding

Francis Sullivan, CEO of Catholic Health Australia, has launched a strong attack on the paucity in a funding increase for aged care. "This decision signals a growing trend by the Commonwealth to shift the burden of aged care costs to individuals and in particular the users."

From 1 July 2003 Commonwealth payments to residential and community care services for the aged will be indexed by 2.2 percent.

CHA argues: "When workers compensation costs are increasing by up to 10 percent, wage parity pressures outstrip CPI rates and the costs of essential supplies dwarf the CommonwealthÕs indexed rate, the pressure on aged care homes only worsens."

"Little wonder nursing homes struggle to pay attractive wages to nurses. The CommonwealthÕs subsidy goes only half way to meeting the real rising costs of care."

"There is mounting frustration on the part of those charged with providing quality and safe care to our frailest and sickest citizens. The Commonwealth continues to use an antiquated and unrealistic funding formula to pay for the care of our elderly."

CHA: Are nursing home and hostel residents in line for fee increases?

30 Jun 2003