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Weigel tells US Catholic press to focus on good news

Papal biographer and commentator George Weigel has challenged Catholic journalists to focus on a series of underreported church trends that he said illustrate the great vitality of US Catholicism today.

Weigel told 300 members of the Catholic Press Association at their annual convention in Atlanta last week that by reporting on such issues as the grass-roots renewal of devotional piety and the growth of Catholicism in the South, the current time of crisis might be turned into "a time of conversion and evangelical opportunity" for the church.

Other underreported trends, he said, include the recent growth in Catholic intellectual life, the potential impact of the "Catechism of the Catholic Church," new ecumenical alliances between Catholics and evangelical Protestants, and efforts to promote a "reform of the reform" of liturgical norms since the Second Vatican Council.

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3 Jun 2003