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Vatican Museums now accessible by internet, palm pilot and mobile phones

The Vatican yesterday unveiled further developments on the impressive web site that has been in development almost since the birth of the internet.

The new additions provide public access to some of the treasures of the Vatican Museums. They are accessible via the internet, palm pilot technologies and the new generation of mobile phones.

Cardinal Edmund Szoka, president of the Governorate of Vatican City State, under whose auspices the museums fall said at the launch: “For some time, the Church has paid great attention to the means of social communication, in order to more efficaciously perform her universal mission. The Internet, with its enormous potential, allows us to approach an ever greater number of people and to spread throughout the world our message of evangelization.".

Cardinal Szoka noted that, when Pope John Paul inaugurated the new entrance to the Vatican Museums on February 7, 2000, he called the Museums "one of the most meaningful doors that the Holy See opens to the world," through which is expressed "the renewed will of the Church to dialogue with mankind through art and culture, making available to everyone the patrimony entrusted to her by history.

The universal language of culture and art, he added, "allows for contact with persons of different cultures, languages and religions." The Internet site will make the collections of the Vatican Museums available to tourists, collectors, scholars amd the general public, permitting everyone to "become acquainted with many masterpieces, their history and their meaning."


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25 Jun 2003