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Anglican Church Crisis

The SMH reports this morning that the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney has done a U-turn on his threat to blacklist the Archbishop of Canterbury from Sydney. The Bishop of North Sydney, Glenn Davies, triggered the about face.

The controversy in the Anglican Church over the proposed appointment of Canon Jeffrey John as the new Bishop of Reading in the UK is causing a deep crisis in the Anglican Church. In the media around the world there is widespread talk of schism coming from the more conservative elements in the Church.

In Sydney the SMH carries a story of how the Bishop of North Sydney, Glenn Davies, suggested that the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, "will no longer be welcome to teach the Bible here in Sydney, nor exercise his teaching ministry. He has compromised the authority of scripture and he has not upheld the resolution of Lambeth, as he said he would do."

Dr Davies later repeated his views in an interview with the Fox network. But within hours, a phone call from the Archbishop of Sydney, Dr Jensen, who is presently in London reined the assistant bishop in.

In an embarrassing backdown, Dr Davies was forced to admit he had overstepped his mark. He apologised and subsequently retracted his earlier remarks.

From London, the paper quotes Dr Jensen as saying that while blacklisting Dr Williams from teaching in Sydney would be the logical thing to do, "for the sake of the unity of the church it won't be done."

The Age reports: "the Primate of Australia, Perth Archbishop Peter Carnley, delicately rebuked both liberals and conservatives who are clashing. He said homosexuality was a minor issue compared with AIDS, poverty, Third World debt, peace and terrorism, and the church would survive the debate."

The headlines and links below provide some idea of the flavour of the crisis around the world.

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25 Jun 2003