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Brisbane Archbishop working on future of schools

Archbishop John Bathersby of Brisbane has called a planning summit to negotiate the future shape of Catholic schooling in the Archdiocese.

Pastors, parents, principals, leaders of religious institutes and relevant archdiocesan personnel will be involved in the summit, prompted by a number of proposed changes to Catholic schooling provisions.

These include the ongoing issue of providing and missioning new schools in the growth areas of the archdiocese and proposals by a number of religious institute secondary colleges to offer some primary grades.

The archbishop said the issues presented the archdiocese with a number of unique challenges in the operation of Catholic schools.

He said he hoped all Catholic schooling providers would place their plans for the future before the archdiocesan community 'so that there might be a shared responsibility for significant, agreed changes'.

Meanwhile a recent Principals' Conference in Tasmania stressed that strategic planning must arise out of "dreaming" that "must have as its core the needs of the children".

The Conference, which was variously described as "groundbreaking" and "the most important for many years", would lead to "several significant decisions", according to Mr Tom Burke, Chairman of the Tasmanian Catholic Primary Principals' Association.

Catholic Leader/Catholic Media Office (Tasmania)

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3 Jun 2003