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Cardinal Cassidy takes possession of his titular Church

The Vatican Information Service in its bulletin last night mentioned that Cardinal Cassidy will take possession of his titular church (Santa Maria in Via Lata, Rome) on Wednesday night at 7.30pm.

Cardinal Cassidy is one of the two Australian Cardinals in the Church at the moment. In the early history of cardinals (dating from the pontificate of Stephen III – 752-757), the cardinals were parish priests and deacons of Rome and bishops of the suburban dioceses. This tradition had been symbolically preserved by appointing the cardinals as titular parish priests and deacons of Roman churches.

According to legend, the church of Santa Maria in Via Lata stands on a site where the Sts Peter and Paul and the Evangelists Luke and John stayed. There is some dispute about this though. The first confirmed use of this site for Christian worship dates from the 5th Century in an oratory in the Roman building beneath the present church. The upper level of the church was added in the 9th century. The church was rebuilt in the late 15th century, c. 1491. It was renovated or rebuilt in the 17th century.

Cardinal Cassidy, is the former President of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity.


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24 Jun 2003