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Same-sex marriage to be recognised in Canada

The Canadian government signaled its acceptance of gay marriages on Tuesday, deciding not to appeal a landmark Ontario provincial court decision that opened the door to such unions.

The decision of the government also seems to slap in the face to the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB). Catholic World News reported last Friday that they had written to Federal Justice Minister Martin Cauchon demanding an appeal of the Ontario Appeals court decision allowing homosexual "marriage". The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) has also weighed in on the ruling.

The CCCB called the court's reason for the ruling "unconvincing and disappointing." The letter says, "The Court's conclusions about the objectives of marriage should concern Canadians about the future of our country and Members of Parliament who are ultimately responsible for the development of social policy in this country." The letter concluded reminding the Minister that "millions of Canadians, who have invested a great deal of hope and meaning in marriage, are counting on you."

Reuters reports "the official opposition Canadian Alliance party slammed the government's decision as a 'complete abdication of responsibility' in giving in to the court. [Prime Minister] Chretien said the legislation would protect the right of churches and religious groups 'to sanctify marriage as they define it' – in other words, they would not be forced to perform gay marriages. But the [Opposition Leader] Toews said he took no comfort from any assurances of religious rights, since the courts have tended to give precedence to gay rights."


19 Jun 2003