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ACU National supports aspects of higher education reform

Australian Catholic University (ACU National) Vice-Chancellor Professor Peter Sheehan has commended the Federal Government on some of its initiatives to reshape the higher education sector.

The Department of Education, Science and Training claims that reforms announced in Tuesday's Federal Budget will establish a partially deregulated system of higher education. It says the changes will enable individual universities to capitalise on their particular strengths.

"There is no doubt that change was needed and the Minister's proposals provide many new opportunities for universities," he said. "The freeing up of the sector will make it more flexible and better able to respond to the challenges that Australian universities are facing."

Professor Sheehan also welcomed the new emphasis on learning and teaching outcomes.

"Considerations of social justice outcomes are integral to our mission, which requires that we ensure that access to education is equitable, particularly for the most disadvantaged in society," said Professor Sheehan.

"We will therefore study closely the potential impact of proposed changes on students and our Foundation will be actively seeking additional donations and bequests for scholarships and bursaries."

ACU National

ACU National
Budget 2003-04
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16 May 2003