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Former Anglican head suggests all religious leaders report to Pope

Dr George Carey, who retired as Archbishop of Canterbury last year, has recommended that leaders of other religious communities make regular ad limina visits to the Pope, as Catholic bishops do.

Dr Carey made his proposal on Saturday, the last day of the seminar on John Paul II: 25 Years of Pontificate, the Church at the Service of Man, organized by the Lateran University.

"I am convinced of the value of the 'ad limina' visits which the Pope has with his colleagues of the episcopate from all over the world," held every five years, he said.

Dr Carey wondered if "Pope John Paul II might consider having an informal consultation, every now and then, with the leaders of the Churches of other communions".

The former head of the worldwide Anglican Communion said that ecumenism in the future will have to be based on two criteria: "the humility of the cross" and the "generosity" to solicit a common testimony among Christians for the proclamation of the Gospel.


Bold Ecumenical Suggestion from Anglican (Catholic World News)
Anglican Communion

13 May 2003