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Jesuit peace activist says war cannot stop terrorism

"War cannot, will not, and never could stop terrorism, because war is terror," Fr John Dear told faculty and students at Notre Dame University last week.

He said Christians who want to help the world's neediest people should renounce all war, starting with the conflict in Iraq.

"My thinking is, war with Iraq is not only immoral and illegal, it's also, like every other war, impractical," he said. "These days, the warmongering media and the imperial press tell us we have a great victory. But the reality is that it is a great disaster."

Fr Dear said that while nobody supports Saddam Hussein or tyranny, the United States is "the reason people are dying".

The 43 year old peace activist has participated in numerous nonviolent peace protests, some of which have earned him jail time and felony convictions.

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Father John Dear

Declaration by Iraqi Patriarchs and Bishops (Vatican Information Service)

31 May 2003