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Pope appoints Palestinian to Christian-Jewish dialogue committee

Pope John Paul II has appointed Fr Elias Michael Chacour as a consultant to the Holy See committee promoting dialogue between Christians and Jews.

Chacour is the first Palestinian to be appointed to the five-year post.

He is author of two bestselling memoirs, founder of the Mar Elias Educational Institutions in Galilee, and three-time nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Blood Brothers, published in 1984, is an account of his family's displacement from the Galilee town of Biram - where he himself was born in 1939 - has been translated into 28 languages. The title comes from his belief that Jews and Arabs "are blood brothers, each claiming to be the children of one father whose name was Abraham."

Chacour is an ordained priest in the Melkite Catholic Church, an Eastern Byzantine Church in communion with Rome. He is currently working on setting up a Christian Arab university in the Galilee.

Jerusalem Post

Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews
Mar Elias Educational Institutions

8 May 2003