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Caritas delivers medicines to the vulnerable In Iraq

Caritas Australia supported a convoy of life-saving medicines and supplies into Iraq on the weekend.

The convoy included enough vital medicines to meet the needs of about 25,000 sick and vulnerable civilians and enough supplementary food to care for 10,000 malnourished children.

The two trucks carried medical supplies including painkillers and antibiotics, as well as much needed bandages, dressings and anaesthetics.

"With shortages of vital medical supplies and thousands of people displaced from their homes, there is a risk of epidemics flaring up and even more suffering for people living with chronic conditions," said Caritas Australia National Director Jack de Groot.

The sick will be able to receive treatment from the medical teams at Caritas Iraq's 14 centres throughout the country, which are located in and around Baghdad, in Basra, Kirkuk, Qarakoush, and Mosul.

The teams are also working in Caritas outreach centres in about 40 schools and churches where internally displaced people have sought refuge from the war.

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7 May 2003