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Bishop speaks up for need to balance family and work

Bishop Eugene Hurley of the Australian Bishops' Committee for the Family and for Life has said that finding the right balance between family and work can be "the key to harmony both at work and at home".

He was commenting on the family focus of yesterday's Brisbane Labour Day March, which he described as a "vibrant illustration of the community's desire to balance the demands of work and family".

Thousands of people marched through the centre of Brisbane under the theme "Balancing Family and Work Commitments", which Bishop Hurley said was one "to which all families could relate".

"Balancing the demands and the joys of family life with the necessity and professional fulfillment of work commitments is a juggling act that all families struggle with," he said.

"Finding the right balance can be the key to harmony both at work and at home.

"More and more people are finding that the demands of work in the modern age, with all of the technology which enables us to take work home, are eating into valuable family time.

"Consequently, relationships are suffering."

Bishop Hurley described as a basic tenet of Catholic social teaching that every person has the right to earn a fair wage and to take appropriate hours of rest, providing a rounded lifestyle grounded in the promotion of human dignity.

"We encourage employers and employees to work together to bring balance to family life and work commitments," he said.

Australian Catholic Bishops Conference

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Bishops Committee For The Family And For Life

6 May 2003