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Weekend papal visit set for Spain

Pope John Paul II is making a whirlwind visit to Spain this weekend to meet with young people and canonise five new saints.

The Holy Father, who turns 83 in three weeks, is resuming travel abroad after a nine-month pause. Though burdened by health problems, he has appeared stronger in recent weeks.

Vatican officials are optimistic the pope can meet the demands of his travel schedule, which include a five-day tour of Croatia in June - trip No. 100 of his papacy - and a visit to Mongolia in August, with speculation he may stop over in Russia.

Church officials in Spain, where he has made four previous visits, predict that hundreds of thousands of young people will attend a Saturday rally at an air base outside Madrid. John Paul's meetings with youth have been a hallmark of his papacy, now the fourth-longest in the history of the Church.

There is speculation that he may use the occasion to speak about the aftermath of the war in Iraq, which he opposed. While the Spanish government supported the US-led coalition, surveys showed that a large majority of Spaniards opposed the conflict.

On Sunday, John Paul will preside at a canonisation ceremony for a priest killed during the Spanish civil war and four members of religious orders, raising to 469 the number of saints he has proclaimed in his nearly 25-year pontificate. John Paul has stressed the need for models for today's Catholics.

The pope also will meet Spanish political leaders and King Juan Carlos before returning to Rome on Sunday night.


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31 May 2003