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WA church leaders want UN, not US, to rebuild Iraq

Catholic Archbishop of Perth Barry Hickey has joined Anglican Primate Peter Carnley and other local church leaders in calling for the international community to ensure Iraq is rebuilt under the leadership of the United Nations, and not the US.

They leaders have issued a joint statement, saying the nations who brought destruction to Iraq are now obliged to rebuild it.

"An obligation rests upon nations who have brought destruction, to make good what has been demolished, according to the wishes of the Iraqi people," says the statement. "The churches hold to a commitment within and beyond Australia towards a new community of respect and integrity in our religious diversity, based on acknowledgement of our failures and a deep desire for reconciliation."

The statement stressed the priority of "a just peace" in a world in which "the sanctity of human life and freedom is held high".

"The leadership and partnership brought by the United Nations is essential in engaging with the people of Iraq in reconstruction. In this we affirm the declared intentions of the Australian government."

Signatories also include Bishop Gerard Holohan of the Catholic Diocese of Bunbury. Others include representatives of the Uniting Church, the Quakers (Society of Friends), and the Assemblies of God.

ABC/Uniting Church WA Synod

Anglican Diocese of Perth
Uniting Church in Australia - Synod of Western Australia | Media Release: Towards a Just Peace (text of statement)

5 May 2003