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Catholic lobbyist questions value of ombudsman's detention inquiry

The Commonwealth Ombudsman's inquiry into conditions at immigration centres across Australia will not make any difference to the conditions of detained asylum seekers, according to the Australian Political Ministry Network (PolMin).

"The Commonwealth Ombudsman's inquiry into conditions at immigration detention centres will add little more to what we already know about the conditions in the centres", said spokesperson James McGillicuddy.

"We do not need more reports, rather, we need policy solutions that will fundamentally change how we receive, process and manage asylum seekers"

Mr McGillicuddy said that although blame may be warranted, apportioning it "gets us nowhere fast".

"To reform immigration detention in Australia we must present the Federal Parliament with workable policy that reforms immigration detention," he said. "This is the only practical and realistic approach to take and it is what PolMin is working on now."


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30 May 2003