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'Father of liberation theology' wins humanitarian prize

Peruvian theologian and academic Gustavo Gutiérrez Merino has been awarded a prestigious Spanish Government award for his contribution to commnication and the humanities.

The Prince of Asturias Prize is awarded by the Spanish government to a person, work group or institution whose creative work or research represent an outstanding contribution in their field.

Gutiérrez joined the Dominican Order late in life, five years ago.

"Gustavo Gutiérrez is a brother whose simplicity and goodness strike everyone who meets him," commented former Dominican Master General Fr Timothy Radcliffe. "This prize celebrates a man of God, whose commitment to the poor is deeply evangelical."

Gutiérrez, recognised as the 'father of liberation theology, argued that the 'good news' and the liberation brought by Christ apply to present-day social conditions in addition to the spiritual dimension of our being. Liberation theology has advocated political reform to work towards an end to poverty and injustice.

Gutiérrez is the founding director of the Caritas partner organisation in Lima.

Independent Catholic News

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29 May 2003