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Australian Bishops to upgrade web presence

The Catholic Bishops Conference has approved plans for a new web presence, with the construction of what it describes as a "gateway internet site".

A statement released after the Bishops' recent May plenary in Sydney says the gateway, or portal, will project a "welcoming, active and informative" image of the Church in Australia, with "links to all key areas of the Church's activities and mission".

The new portal will be designed so that it is clear and easy to use.

It will primarily have a faith focus, with the readings for the day featuring prominently. Aside from links to key areas such as the Catholic Enquiry Centre, Catholic health, welfare and education, the gateway site will feature a daily news component.

The new site will be distinct from the Bishops existing site - - which will be redesigned.

Australian Catholic Bishops Conference

Australian Catholic Bishops Conference

27 May 2003