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US Cardinal dedicates chapel to remember sex abuse victims

Cardinal Roger Mahony dedicated a chapel on Sunday in remembrance of victims of clergy sexual abuse.

The chapel, believed to be the first such sanctuary of its kind, is located on the southern side of the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Mahony's Archdiocese of Los Angeles. It contains a book where parishioners can inscribe a victim's name.

Mahony, head of the country's largest archdiocese, told parishioners that it's important to reach out with love to those "who have any way been affected by that terrible scourge".

"Let this chapel be a symbol of our responsibility to continue to reach out to all those who have been affected by abuse," Mahony said after leading a procession to the newly dedicated worship area.

"We ask you time to time to stop at that chapel to offer a prayer of healing and reconciliation for all who have suffered abuse," he said.

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Archdiocese of Los Angeles
Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels
Restoring Trust: Response to Clergy Sexual Abuse (US Conference of Catholic Bishops)

27 May 2003