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Nuns told to shape up

A fitness guru in the US has devised a light workout for nuns aimed at alleviating stress and promoting strength and fitness.

An enthusiastic response from nuns themselves has prompted Mandel to turn the whole exercise into a book to be called, Changing Habits: The Sisters' Workout, which she expects to be published later this year.

"They feel like a weight has been taken off their shoulders," she told Reuters about workshops she had given for nuns aged 60 to 88 in the New York area.

The project grew out of a book Mandel published earlier this year containing insights into the link between spirituality and fitness. It is titled Turn On Your Inner Light: Fitness for Body, Mind and Soul.

Her work is based on the belief that "a sedentary lifestyle is deadly".

"We can't cut ourselves off at the neck," she said.


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2 May 2003