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Commission seeks to highlight women's participation in Church

The Commission for Australian Catholic Women has undertaken a major review of national Church agencies.

Its primary purpose is to explore ways in which the Commission may be aware of and perhaps contribute to the activities of the various Conference agencies.

Commission Chairperson Geraldine Hawkes addressed the recent plenary meeting of the Australian Catholic bishops on the progress of the Commission since it was established in 2000.

She said much of the work being done is travelling to various dioceses to make known the mission of the CACW and to create local contacts.

These visits are also a valuable forum for listening to the needs of women in the Church and for creating opportunities for dialogue.

The Commission is also carrying out research to identify any barriers to women taking on leadership positions in Church organisations or agencies.

It is also focusing on the need to encourage women to undertake theological or other study to help them take on such positions.

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26 May 2003