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Cardinal tells Focolare not to forget real world

Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Angelo Sodano has told the international Congress of the Focolare lay movement in Rome that while "the vision of heaven casts a powerful ray of light on our earthly existence ... it should not remove us from our daily commitments".

He was delivering the homily at the Mass on Wednesday, the last day of the international Marian Congress with the theme To Contemplate Christ Through the Eyes of Mary.

"In every Christian the maternal figure of Mary, who awaits us at the gate of heaven, inspires a thought of profound hope" and "confirms us in our Christian view of life as a pilgrimage toward eternity," he added.

"Although this vision of eternity has been atrophied in part by contemporary culture, Christ's disciples know very well that they are pilgrims on earth," the cardinal said.

"Faithfulness to daily duties" infuses "in the Christian the certainty of doing God's will," he concluded.


International Marian Congress
Focolare Movement | Oceania

2 May 2003