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Brisbane Synod opens with Cathedral Mass

The Archdiocese of Brisbane's first Synod in more than a century was inaugurated last night with a Mass in St Stephen's Cathedral celebrated by Archbishop John Bathersby and 100 concelebrating priests.

The Catholic Leader reports that all the Synod members processed into the Cathedral at the start of the Mass, which was attended by the heads of other Christian Churches, who extended the greetings and prayers of their communities for the success of the synod.

The Synod Assembly is the high point of a journey that began in December 2000. It is being held at Clairvaux MacKillop College, Upper Mt Gravatt where it is taking place until Sunday.

Archbishop Bathersby said on the eve of the Assembly that he hoped it would enliven the Archdiocese with "the joy and energy of the Gospel".

The Synod Assembly will address issues connected with the mission of the Brisbane Church, over which the archbishop has authority, and vote on a series of Broad Action Proposals.

Archbishop Bathersby will announce his decisions in light of the synod recommendations at a special Mass in the Cathedral on 27 July.

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2 May 2003