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Caritas sending medical supplies to Baghdad

Caritas Australia national director Jack de Goot has said the disaster preparedness program, organised over many months, is "working well", although we must now look to respond to the changing environment inside Iraq, where many families have been left destitute.

A statement from Caritas Australia says a shipment of needed medicine, including painkillers, antibiotics, eye-drops and electrolyte maintenance solution was delivered to the Caritas Office in Jordan this week. The medical supplies will be shipped with a convoy to Baghdad next week. Further food rations will also be delivered next week.

"Caritas Australia has contributed $280,000 to assist the Caritas network to help the 260,000 displaced Iraqi civilians," Mr de Groot said. "These emergency funds will also go towards distributing basic food aid and relief materials, assisting to provide safe drinking water and adequate sanitation services and providing health care.

Each displaced family will receive food for three months along with water containers, water purification tablets, mattresses, blankets, kitchen utensils, stoves, fuel and hygiene kits," Mr de Groot said.

The program will give priority to the most vulnerable. A supplementary and therapeutic food aid project to combat malnutrition will benefit 2400 children under five years of age and 1,500 pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Caritas Australia

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11 Apr 2003