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Carroll says "successful" war is still an immoral war

Australian Catholic Bishops Conference president Archbishop Francis Carroll has said the apparent "successful" outcome of the war does not alter the Bishops' doubts about its morality.

The Canberra-Goulburn Archbishop said: "If the 'success' of this war leads to a greater acceptance of war as something more than a 'last resort' in resolving conflicts or removing unjust regimes, then it is a move in a very dangerous direction."

Meanwhile the Vatican Secretary of State Angelo Sodano issued a statement expressing the Vatican's hope for a "swift end" to fighting in Iraq, and calling on the international community to help rebuild the country.

His statement describes developments in Baghdad in past days as "a turning point".

"(The Vatican) hopes that when the arms are silent, the Iraqis and the international community will know how to meet the challenge of building a lasting era of peace in the Middle East," it said.

Saddam Hussein's 24-year reign appeared to have ended on Wednesday when US troops swept into the heart of Baghdad and Iraqis danced on a toppled statue of their ousted leader. But fighting continued in pockets of the capital yesterday.

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11 Apr 2003