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McCartney told let sleeping Pope lie

Ex-Beatle Sir Paul McCartney, one year into a world tour stretching from the United States to Japan, has been told to keep the volume down when he gets to Rome in May for fear of disturbing the Holy Father.

"We have been warned," McCartney's spokesman Geoff Baker told Reuters from Barcelona where McCartney has just held the third of the 30-concert European leg of his tour.

Baker said that out of deference for the 82-year-old Pope, McCartney's tour organisers were considering both turning down the volume and removing some of the louder rock n' roll songs from the Beatle-loaded repertoire.

"You can't play 'Back in the USSR' at half volume," he said.

Baker said some of the more raucous songs might be replaced by ballads in the concert, due to take place next to the Colosseum on May 11.

The warning, he said, had not come from the Vatican itself but from the tour's promoters in the Italian capital. However, a Reuters reporter in Rome said there had been a number of concerts near the Colosseum, none of which had prompted papal criticism.


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32 Apr 2003