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Shorter Catechism in preparation for Papua New Guinea

A new "inculturated" adaption of the Catechism of the Catholic Church will serve as the basis for preparing future catechisms in English and pidgin English for various age groups.

At his fellow bishops' urging, Bishop Francesco Sarego of Goroka has put together a draft work, with the help of local priests.

The text is expected to be approved at the next assembly of the bishops' conference and then sent to the Holy See for confirmation.

Although the Church in Australia's immediate northern neighbour already has three texts for religious instruction in schools, it does not have a catechism in pidgin for the Christian initiation of children and post-confirmation instruction for adults.

Children who attend catechism classes have only a book of questions and answers. Last Christmas the Pauline Press published a pidgin English version of all the questions and answers in every chapter of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Fr Saverio Taffari, an Italian missionary who heads the Vanimo Diocesan Centre for Catechism and Pastoral Care, described to the Fides missionary agency the situa


8 Apr 2003