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Lutherans on board for Pius XII smear reversal

Lutheran church historian Gerhard Besier has jumped to Pope Pius XII's defence by chiding writer Daniel Goldhagen, one of the participants of a perceived campaign to discredit the wartime Pope.

Besier criticised Goldhagen "for not even mentioning" the fact that the SS "considered the Roman Catholic Church is most dangerous ideological adversary."

The Vatican is making it increasingly easier for scholars to research the church's position vis--vis the Nazi regime. It has opened the Secret Archive to researchers, and has newly indexed documents from the papal nuncio's offices in Munich and Berlin before and during World War II

Besier said the fact that the Vatican's detractors that they didn't even bother to study data concerning the interplay between Lutheran martyr Dietrich Bonhoeffer is evidence of the shoddy scholarly craftsmanship the detractors, that also include journalist and author of Hitler's Pope John Cornwall.

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4 Apr 2003