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Media priest to be beatified

"Media priest" Fr James Alberione will be beatified by the Pope later this month, much to the joy of the Pauline family Catholic movement he founded.

Fr Alberione, who pioneered the use of the media in evangelisation, is to be beatified in Rome on 27 April at a Mass which is expected to be attended by more than 5000 Pauline followers.

"His genius was that he recognised the media was the future of apostolate and that the Word of God should be accessible to ordinary people," said Fr Sebastian Karamvelil, of the Society of St Paul in London.

Fr Alberione created 10 channels for proclaiming the Word. He died in 1971, aged 86, an hour after a personal visit by Pope Paul VI.

"We are a very humble part of his great family. It is a very big occasion for us," said Fr Karamvelil. "His beatification has happened quickly. It is only 31 years since his death. It is very likely canonisation will follow."

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3 Apr 2003