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Brosnan Centre farewells Fr Brosnan

On the day of the State Funeral recognising the life and work of former prison chaplain Fr John Brosnan, the youth and the staff of the Brosnan Centre in Melbourne said their own humble farewell.

A huge banner featuring the beaming face and smile of their Patron looks down on Dawson Street, Brunswick, with the simple inscription: "REST IN PEACE".

"Fr Brosnan was known for having worked with 'a terrible lot' of people" explained Brosnan spokesperson, Fr Peter Norden, "and the Brosnan Centre, named in recognition of his work, will continue this community service in his memory". "In 26 years, many ten of thousands of young people have been supported in resettling back into the community after their release" he said.

Fr Brosnan's famous quote has been taken up and put into practice by the centre:

"Three things are needed by people upon their release from prison:
A place to live that is decent
A job that they can handle
And friendship, and the hardest to provide is friendship".

The State Funeral at St Patrick's Cathedral at 11 am is the first time such an acknowledgement has been made to a Catholic Priest in Victoria.

"Even Archbishop Daniel Mannix, one of the people Fr Brosnan most respected, did not get one of these!" explained Fr Peter Norden.

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3 Apr 2003