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Vic rural parishes to hold ritual of apology

Parishes across the Gippsland region in Victoria, will take part in a ritual of apology next week "to redress past hurts".

Sale Bishop Jeremiah Coffey said that during conversations with the community he realised harsh things had been said that offended many people, and years later those hurt still feel aggrieved.

Bishop Coffey said the Pope led the way with the ritual during this year's golden jubilee and it might even become a yearly event for Gippsland parishes.

He said it is important the church seeks forgiveness for its past wrongs.

"The inquisition where people if they didn't believe they were punished for their own beliefs, wars were fought in the name of religion," he said.

"We had very rigid laws in regard to the Anglicans and non-Catholic people in our community, in recent years with regard to priests and young children and with regard to paedophilia. We acknowledge we have done wrong and we seek apology."

The ritual will take place on 9 April.

ABC Radio Gippsland

Diocese of Sale

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