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Caritas network provides shelter for refugees in Iraq

The Caritas Internationalis network is working to assess the food needs of displaced civilians in Iraq.

"Reports now estimate the number of displaced persons in Northern Iraq to be more than 300,000," said Jamie Isbister, Caritas Australia's Programs Coordinator.

Iraqi civilians, too scared to stay in Baghdad because of the bombardment of residential areas, are fleeing their homes and are moving to Karakosh, Zakho and Duhok in the north of Iraq.

"Caritas centres have been set up in schools in Karakosh to provide shelter and blankets to those left homeless, first aid to the injured and food rations, including high protein biscuits, cooking oil and lentils," said Mr Isbister.

Caritas teams in Zakho and Duhok are working to provide aid to the several hundred displaced families who have arrived. Some have been given accommodation by local families, while others have been given shelter in churches, mosques and schools.

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3 Apr 2003