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Pope regrets that modern society has overlooked Bible

In a meeting yesterday with the members of the Pontifical Biblical Commission, Pope John Paul II stressed the need to go back to the Scriptural foundations of Judaeo-Christian morality.

The Holy Father told the group that modern society shows "the most widely varied attempts to sever the links between Biblical revelation and the most binding propositions about human life".

The Commission, which is celebrating its centenary, was founded by Pope Leo XIII to promote Catholic biblical scholarship.

At yesterday's meeting, Pope John Paul II encouraged the Commission to work against contemporary culture's denial of its biblical roots. He pointed out that the Pontifical Biblical Commission, in its 100 years of existence, has always "gone ahead with the times, sharing their uneasiness and anxieties."

"Man today, disillusioned by so many unsatisfactory answers to the basic questions about life, seems to open himself to the voice that comes from the transcendent Being and is expressed in the Bible message," he said.

"At the same time, however, he seems to be more and more intolerant of being asked to behave in harmony with the values that the Church has forever presented as founded on the Gospel."

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Pontifical Biblical Commission celebrates centenary (Vatican Information Service)
Pontifical Biblical Commission

30 Apr 2003