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Catholic Health welcomes funding boost but urges transparency

Catholic Health Australia (CHA) has welcomed the Federal Government's announcement of a 17% increase in real terms in health funding, and called on all Federal and State governments to meet the real costs of care to sustain the benefits of Medicare.

Speaking after yesterday's announcement by Prime Minister John Howard, CHA CEO Francis Sullivan said: "The GST was meant to deliver better public hospitals and health care, now it is time for governments to deliver the goods."

"The historic squabbling between the Commonwealth, states and territories always leaves the problem at the hospital door," he said. "It is well overdue for governments who seek to share the responsibility for health care to also share a set proportion of the funding and be held accountable to it."

"CHA's research indicates that the real costs for hospital care are growing at 6% annually and the current health care agreements are falling far behind whilst the hospitals struggle to deliver the quality Australians expect.

"Real accountability will require an independent body dedicated to improved health outcomes and with a capacity to hold all governments to a rigorous set of performance criteria as they so readily do to the unemployed and others needing social benefits."

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24 Apr 2003