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Boston archdiocese refuses contributions

Boston's Catholic archdiocese is refusing donations from a lay reform group, and is telling its social services agency to do the same.

A church spokesman said Bishop Richard G. Lennon, interim leader of the archdiocese, issued the directive because he believes Voice of the Faithful is undermining the church's own fund-raising. The group also forbids its money from being used for administrative purposes.

"Bishop Lennon stated that it is his firm belief that you cannot separate the charitable works of the church from the office of the bishop," said Fr Christopher Coyne.

Catholic Charities, the social services agency, accepted $A92,699 from Voice of the Faithful in December and is being offered another $A57,937 from the group. The agency, governed by a board of directors, hasn't decided whether to accept the contribution, a spokesman said.

Reformers established Voice of the Faithful last year as the clerical sex abuse crisis erupted in Boston, with its revelations that church leaders reassigned alleged molesters to parish work.

Voice of the Faithful was notified on Monday of the bishop's order, which applies to other church entities as well. Lennon's directive is similar to one issued last year by his predecessor, Cardinal Bernard S. Law, which was effectively ignored by Catholic Charities.


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2 Apr 2003