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Church in Tasmania buys TV time to spread Easter message

The Archdiocese of Hobart has commissioned a prime-time television advertisement which began screening on WIN Television and Southern Cross yesterday.

The ad, with the slogan Carry the Light, also aims to promote Catholic education in the state.

Catholic media director Penny Edman said the ad was a message of hope and faith in an uncertain world.

"With the war in Iraq, we wanted to send out a message of hope," Ms Edman said. "Representing the passing on of faith in an uncertain world, the advertisement features the powerful Easter symbol of a lighted candle being passed from an adult to a child over a dark background.

Ms Edman said the avertisement would screen until Easter Sunday night.

Meanwhile, Melbourne-based Albert Street Productions - which is responsible for the Tasmanian campaign - has also produced a series of TV "spots" being distributed nationally by the Bishops' National Catholic Television Library.

The animated 15 second and 30 second spots highlight the theme of "Compassion".

According to a statement from the Bishops' Library, the spots make the point that 'Compassion' is "what is needed in the world and calls for a balance between our commitment to armaments and our commitment to assisting developing nations with food, education, shelter and employment initiatives."

Stills from the spots are available on the Library's website.

The Mercury/National Catholic Television Library

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17 Apr 2003