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Council says Easter is a time to pray for world peace

Australian Catholic Social Justice Council chairman Bishop William Morris has urged Catholics to take the opportunity at Easter to "enter into the anguish of [Iraqis] and pray that a new Iraq will emerge from this chaos".

He said that witnessing the horror and destruction of war and the ongoing instability in Iraq gives us an opportunity to stand in solidarity with those who are suffering.

"Let us enter into the anguish of these people and pray that a new Iraq will emerge from this chaos, providing a safe and free homeland for its people.

"With authority grounded in humility Jesus knelt and washed the feet of his disciples," he said. "Let us in humility kneel and serve through our prayer and our readiness to contribute to the rebuilding and stability of a new Iraq, and to an ongoing and true peace in our world."

Bishop Morris recalled the words of Pope John XXIII, that "the world will not be in peace until peace has found a home in the heart of every person".

He also urged prayer for political leaders, and for members of the Australian Defence Force still in the region, "that they may come safely home".

Australian Catholic Social Justice Council

Australian Catholic Social Justice Council

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17 Apr 2003