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Hot cross buns banned to avoid offence to non-Christians

Schools across Britain have been ordered by local authorities to abandon the ancient tradition of serving hot cross buns on Good Friday so as not to offend children of non-Christian faiths.

Some councils are refusing to hand out the buns because they fear that the symbol of the cross will spark complaints from Jewish, Hindu and Muslim pupils or their families.

Officials in the London borough of Tower Hamlets decided to remove the buns from menus this year after criticism over its decision to serve pancakes on Shrove Tuesday.

A spokesman for the Labour-run council claimed that there had been "a lot" of complaints but did not have a figure.

The spokesman added: "We are moving away from a religious theme for Easter and will not be doing hot cross buns. We can't risk a similar outcry over Easter like the kind we had on Pancake Day. We will probably be serving naan breads instead."

In the past, invidivual schools have taken the decision to not serve hot cross buns, but this is the first time local authorities across the country have imposed blanket bans.

Daily Telegraph

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18 Mar 2003