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Parade organiser says St Patrick's Day is not about St Patrick

The chief executive of Dublin's St Patrick's Festival has said that the St Patrick's Day Parade is not about St Patrick.

Maria Moynihan told The Irish Catholic that today's parade is about "Irish identity".

When asked about the lack of participation of religious communities and parish groups in the St Patrick's Day parade, Ms Moynihan said that "it celebrates Irishness, Ireland, our national cultural heritage. It is not a celebration of Saint Patrick."

There will be no religious presence in the parade again today.

However, Ms Moynihan said that if a religious based entry has entertainment value, it might be permitted to take part. When pressed that the Catholic religion was a major part of Irish cultural identity she replied that "we don't manifest some aspects of our identity within the parade."

She said "one of the policies of the event is that neither politics nor religious issues are manifested on the day."

Irish Catholic

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17 Mar 2003