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Lobbyists call super policy "the cause of a growing social evil"

Australia's superannuation policy is the cause of "a growing social evil" according to Catholic lobby group PolMin.

PolMin (the Australian Political Ministry Network) was commenting on Friday after last week's rejection of the Government's proposed reforms in the Senate.

"We are not in saying that we support the Government's proposals," said PolMin coordinator James McGillicuddy. "But the Senate's actions highlights a policy that is causing the growth of a social evil - the depravation of a reasonable income in old age."

"Current superannuation policy is dramatically inadequate and recent declines in the Australian and international stock markets has exacerbated the problem," he said. "Most Australians approaching retirement are realizing that they cannot afford to retire, and those Australians who are retired are mostly living in unsustainable poverty."

"Therefore current superannuation policy is causing specific social disadvantage. This must be addressed and rectified."

PolMin is a national independent membership organisation that aims to change Australian society by influencing public policy in accordance with the principles of Catholic social teaching.


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17 Mar 2003