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Catholic Health warns gap plan would push up cost of visit to doctor

Catholic Health Australia has warned of a cost explosion following claims that the Federal Government is considering the introduction of gap insurance to cover higher GP consultation.

CEO Francis Sullivan said yesterday: "This would lead to a massive hike in the cost of private health insurance for ordinary families and individuals."

"Gap cover for GP services would mean people paying even more to go to the doctor, either out of their pockets or through more expensive health insurance," he said. "History shows that the more expensive health insurance becomes, the more people leave private cover and place pressure on public hospitals."

"Rather than promoting choice for consumers an increased role for health funds will lead to all the downsides of managed care for patients and the medical profession.

"This proposal is counter productive. It is an old idea which will inflate health costs and not necessarily deliver better quality or improved access to care."

Catholic Health Australia

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13 Mar 2003