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Martini emerges from retirement to urge peace

A lasting peace only comes at the cost of "turning the other cheek", according to former Archbishop of Milan Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini.

Speaking from his retirement home in Jerusalem, he said that peace "has a price". He likened efforts to maintain international peace to the process of building a sand castle, "which must be protected and rebuilt with infinite patience".

Martini was once one of the Church's most prominent bishops, considered a possible future Pope. He has remained silent since moving into retirement, but offered his thoughts for a front page story published in the Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano.

He said the world at this moment in history "sincerely wants peace, but does not know how to pay the cost."

A lasting peace, he said, would require sacrifices, "not just in a personal sense, but for groups, peoples, and nations." Nations, he argued, must learn that at times it is best not to insist on their rights and privileges, and to "turn the other cheek."

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13 Mar 2003