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Catholic parents fear Greens' "Robin Hood" education policy

The Council of Catholic School Parents has expressed regret that the NSW Greens' policy of shifting public funds for education away from Catholic and independent schools into the Government sector.

The Council's executive director Roger O'Sullivan, said the dilemma for the 480,000 parents he represents is that many admire the Greens federal leader, Senator Bob Brown, and the party's anti-war and pro-conservation stance.

"Now they want to know why the Greens are getting stuck into us," he told The Sydney Morning Herald.

Launching their education vision yesterday, the Greens promised they would redirect $1 billion a year in government spending to boost investment in public education.

This would partly be achieved by cutting all state funding and capital works interest subsidies for wealthy private schools and freezing per capita spending for all other non-government schools at year 2000 levels.

The executive director of the Association of Independent Schools, Terry Chapman, said he was deeply disturbed by the Greens anti-choice policies.

"People think the Greens are an interesting party because they hug trees but they are very hostile towards parents who choose independent schooling," he said.

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7 Mar 2003