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Archbishop says Ireland losing a generation to drink

The Catholic Primate of All Ireland, Archbishop Sean Brady has warned that Ireland is becoming enveloped in a dangerous drink culture.

In his Temperance Sunday message in Dundalk at the weekend, Archbishop Brady said the country had developed a shocking drink culture and warned Irish people that they are witnessing another lost generation as young people leave behind moderation, responsibility and spirituality.

He criticised the sporting and social events of which binge drinking has become part, but also pointed out that religious occasions, like baptism, conformation, marriage and funerals were now also involved.

He said the huge amounts of money spent by the State on fighting the effects of drink could be better spent on building hospitals.


Pioneer Total Abstinence Association of the Sacred Heart
Archbishop Sean Brady fears a generation lost to alcohol (Catholic Communications Ireland)
Day of Prayer for Temperance Homily given by Archbishop Seán Brady St Joseph's Church, Dundalk 2 March 2003

5 Mar 2003