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Pope makes fresh appeal for end to Iraq war

Pope John Paul, making a fresh appeal for an end to the war in Iraq, said on Sunday the conflict is undermining humanity's hope for a better future.

The Holy Father asked for prayers for peace during his weekly address to pilgrims and tourists in St Peter's Square. Speaking from his window overlooking the square, the pope said "painful armed conflicts are ensnaring the hope of humanity for a better future".

He appealed for prayers "for the victims of the ongoing conflict".

On Saturday the Pope said he hoped the human tragedy of the war in Iraq would not set Christians and Muslims against each other and spark "a religious catastrophe".

The Pope led the Vatican in a diplomatic campaign to try to avert the war. Before it started, he sent envoys to both US President George W. Bush and Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

The Vatican is very concerned that the war could cause problems for Christians living in mainly Muslim countries.


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31 Mar 2003